About This Project

Sheraton Hotel Lobby Mural

DKO Architects engaged [ADA] to prepare a selection of artwork for the Sheraton Hotel Lobby which would extend the elegant architecture and extend the colour tones of the lobby.

Al Stark created painted this mural God is in the water as a site specific work. From the conceptual to the physical – Al’s work will not is dynamic and powerful.

Al Stark ‘s vibrant and prolific practice spans street art, wall mural, painting and sculpture. The work sometimes presents epitaphs to our failure as a species to fulfil our potential. It draws on the idea that the human animal has the potential to sustain and respect it-self, as well as other living creatures and its environment, but will fail to do so due to Inherent and complex mechanisms of psychic numbing and denial.

Al Stark’s artistic practice ranges from folk architecture, spatial design, film, wall painting, drawing, and gypsy tattooing to name a few. His canvas to date has included public and private walls, a 60 metre lift shaft, intricately made masks, paper, leather, wood and bodies. His work forms a personal universe that explores gender politics, religion, and his explanation of the human psyche through text, the figurative and a heavy dose of abstract symbolism.



Al Stark

Title of work

God is in the water


DKO Architects


Sheraton Hotel


Docklands, VIC