About This Project

‘Conducting Spheres’ is a response to the divided architectural space of Equitable Place.

Conducting Spheres creates a colourful geometric dynamism which reflects human interactions; the distracted, the impatient, the humorous. The waiting too long for a coffee. The run from a delayed train to an early meeting. Using the dance of particles as they move and collide as an analogy for the weaving traffic of the city, the patterning with its collision of tones and hues reflect the process of energy generation which transmits from inhabitant to inhabitant throughout the city.

Tricky Walsh is an interdisciplinary Australian artist whose practice is concerned with the integration of mysticism with scientific reasoning. Their work is architectural in nature and utilises the construction of concepts and devices which allow for the development of both physical and philosophical systems of discovery and invention.

Click here to see a video about the commission by Yask Desai.


Tricky Walsh 

Title of Work

Conducting Spheres, 2020


AMP Capital Investors Ltd


330 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria

public art