About This Project

The Eleventh Planet is an Augmented Reality (AR) experience overlaying a polished steel sphere sculpture, where viewers access interactive 3D animated artwork via a downloadable app. The AR experience is activated in the app by the bluestone tiles that Mott and Power designed for the work’s concrete plinth. Through the lens of the user’s device, imagery of the cosmos appears to encompass the sphere and surrounds, transporting them into another world even whilst they stand before a commanding physical work. Water is yet another feature of the artwork, flowing over the sphere and into a shallow pool that flows along the concrete support.


Mott says, “this artwork speaks of the constantly transforming materiality of the cosmos, of which we are a part. It presents the idea of an imagined cosmic realm, that through the use of AR invites viewers to experience its transformation of states over deep geological time- spanning billions of years past to today and into the future”.


Joanne Mott and John Power

Title of Work

The Eleventh Planet


I & S Investments Pty Ltd and Hacer Group


11 Eastern Road