About This Project

ADA Consulting have been driving the art consultancy for Banco Group’s development, East Brunswick Village, since 2018. The first and second lots of the buildings housed murals by Datsun Tran, Saffron Newey, Al Stark, Melanie Young and ELLE throughout the residential floors of the building.

In 2023, five more artists have been commissioned to complete murals for floors 1-5 in lots 3 and 4 of the urban renewal project.

Melbourne-based artist Spencer Harrison’s mural iin EBV is a beautiful clash of geometric shapes and vibrant colours seen all through the corridor. Specifically, His mural responds to the architecture of the space, drawing sight lines from keypoints of the wall and ceiling to create forms reminiscent of crepuscular rays seen when light breaks through clouds.

Bands of colour interact with one another, wrapping around the space light beams of sunlight. Inspired by the colours of morning and evening light in the sky, the colours create a sense of warmth and optimism for residents of the building.

The colours work with the exisiting grey of the wall utilising it in the negative space to create a seamless design that appears to flow naturally throughout the space.


Abbey Rich’s mural on the first floor of the building harps back to Nicholson Street’s history as a hub for textile production through a combination of textile-inspired blocked and striped patterns. By using vibrant colours as a base for a this mixture of geometric and organic shapes, they’re able to respond to the area’s history whilst simultaneously creating an artwork which brings the floral identity of Brunswick into the village.


Sasha Heath is a contemporary mural artist who specialises in flora-based wall paintings in calming, lush colour palettes that invite viewers in from a distance. Her mural on the fifth level celebrates the iconic and  picturesque Merri Creek Reserve, which flanks the meandering Merri Creek River.

Sasha’s connection with EBV runs deep, as her very first Melbourne home was situated right next to the EBV site. She has fond memories of exploring these surroundings back in 2010, and during the challenging lockdowns, the soothing Merri Creek Trail became her sanctuary, and she delighted in spotting various bird species along the river, which she noted down. This has been her source of inspiration behind these concept ideas.

Her hope is that by sharing her experiences and observations, others will be inspired to venture out and explore these beautiful areas and develop a sense of familiarity with their own backyard. By embracing the diverse native birdlife in these areas, much like the birds themselves have made this place their home, we can forge a deeper connection and belonging to this remarkable community.



Saffron Newey is a Melbourne-based fine art painter experienced in murals and works on canvas. Her approach to East Brunswick Village’s hallways stems from the wild native birds in the Merri Creek area, appropriately themed “Evening at Merri Creek”.

Saffron has explored birds throughout her practice, with her previous murals often responding to the local wildlife or history of an area upon soft, dreamlike, backgrounds. This specific approach echoes her previous works while investigating the delicate nature and spirit of the surrounding EBV area.



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