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Reclaimed Rock Installation

Banco Group engaged ADA Consulting to commission artist Will Heathcote to select basalt and blue stone rocks directly from the site of EBV during construction phase. Heathcote will work with the raw materials to create sculptures which will then return to the site, as public art sculptures located throughout the development.

“I’ve been commissioned to be an artist in residence at EBV. Working with raw materials and cast impressions from the site; this project engages with the landscape through the process of making.”

“Basalt, or bluestone, forms a large part of the material makeup of the landscape of Melbourne’s inner north. I’m intrigued by the way volcanic rock – basalt – that was formed millions of years ago is now being utilised to inform the architecture of this city. At EBV, I’m working with the basalt that’s been extracted from the site. A lot of it is being milled up and turned into pavers for the village; I’m gilding a large raw fragment in 24 carat gold leaf. I’m also taking moulds from the site, and casting smaller sculptural pieces that will be part of the development’s display suite phase. Essentially, I’m taking and recreating impressions of a place working with geological material and formations from the location itself.

Will Heathcote, sculptor and public artist

The EBVReclaimed Rock Installation represents Stage 2 of a 6 stage Public Art Strategy for East Brunswick Village, to be implemented by ADA Consulting over the next two years.

Stage 1 by Al Stark


Will Heathcote

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Reclaimed Rock


Banco Group


EBV - East Brunswick Village


East Brunswick, Vic