About This Project

Transfer, by Meagan Streader, considers the contemporary design of the new development Panorama Box Hill through a reimagining of modernist design approaches such as the Memphis and Minimalism movements, presenting a timeless installation that simultaneously looks backwards as it looks forwards.


This playful yet elegant artwork reflects the simple geometric shapes, the flat, bold and contrasting colour palettes, and the stylised graphic patterns and squiggles of Memphis-inspired design. Mapping the ceiling of the canopy, the work exists as a neutral linear light artwork intersecting with seven coloured geometric frosted acrylic forms. The work is created from low LED white neon strip lighting inlaid in an acrylic channel and scattered translucent acrylic 3D geometric shapes mounted directly onto the ceiling cladding.


This site-specific and dynamic installation possesses both a day and night presence, presented through illuminated patterns at night and bursts of geometric colour during the day. The work contributes to the unique identity of Panorama, highlighting the surrounding built environment and enhancing the pedestrian experience with surprising elements of colour and light, reflecting playful patterns of light and form onto the surrounding glass windows and tiled pavement.


As a modern thriving city, Whitehorse residents enjoy a rich and dynamic cultural life. The excitement of activity and multiculturalism in Box Hill can be felt through the design elements within this work which reflect a journey or energy of a hustling and bustling inner-city district. The linear light provides a kind of trail or pathway along the canopy for pedestrians to explore from start to finish, making their own journey along the curves, zig-zags and colour forms of the installation


Meagan Streader

Title of Work



Acrylic, LED neon flex, powder coated aluminium


Gallagher Jeffs


830 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill, VIC