About This Project

MDLU 792015 4 by artist Jason Sims is reminiscent of a shipping container that has landed on the steps of M Docklands. The title is based on the code that gets attributed to a shipping container, marking each one as unique. The use of the shipping container acts as a symbol of the history of the docklands, once Melbourne’s hub of economic and maritime activity. The work has a strong presence both during the day and at night through its scale and aesthetic qualities.

M Docklands comprises of 11 retail lots, 186 residential apartments and Docklands first 5-star luxury apartment hotel – Peppers Docklands. MDLU 792015 4 forms one part of the extensive public art strategy located throughout the development.

MDLU 792015 4 was created to both draw passers by into the space by acting as a beacon and welcoming the residents of M Docklands each day. The work simultaneously references the dockland’s past as a working port while celebrating the very thing that led to its transformation.

Radiating warm light and brilliantly reflected in the glass canopy above and windows on either side of the walkway, MDLU 792015 4 creates interesting effects providing a strong presence and connection to the space.


Jason Sims

Title of artwork

MDLU 792015 4




M Docklands


677 La Trobe St Docklands, Melbourne


Capital Alliance


Elenberg Fraser


Places Victoria