About This Project

Australian born, New York-based artist Vexta turned the back wall of the Chapel St police station into her canvas to create a large-scale work of street-art, commissioned by the City of Port Phillip in partnership with Victoria Police and MARS.

Vexta, who has painted walls across Australia, U.S.A., Europe, Mexico, South America and New Zealand said painting a police station was a first.

Vexta’s bold and extravagant artworks have invaded the visual landscape from Melbourne to Mexico and everywhere in between, she is a nomad of modern times. Viewing the world through her psychedelic kaleidoscope, Vexta reinterprets the sacred elements within science, cosmology, mythology, life, death and the feminine navigating these themes through the common threads that bind our experiences.

Much of Vexta’s work surrounds the concepts of death, rebirth and the duality of the sexes, an area that she has much to comment on. Named by ‘Complex’ as one of 15 of the most important female street artists today, Vexta spreads her vision across the continents and countries, studios and streets, balancing exhibitions, commissions and creative ventures alike.


Street artist Vexta adds femininity to prevent tagging at St Kilda police station
Suzanne Carbone, The Age
December 2,2015

Street art at St Kilda Police Station to deter illegal graffiti in area
Belinda Humphries, Herald Sun
December 8, 2015



Title of Work

The Wildness Beneath by VEXTA




St Kilda Police Station


City of Port Phillip


City of Port Phillip