About This Project

The Greville Street Mural is an initiative of The City of Stonnington, utilising the south wall of 257 Chapel Street, running 30 meters along Greville Street, opposite the side of Prahran Town Hall. The Mural is changed four times per year.

Artist Chris Dolman painted the Greville Street Mural in February 2015 to coincide with his exhibition at MARS Gallery ‘Adventures in the Neodrome’. In this Mural Dolman painted characters from his paintings collages which featured in his exhibition ‘Adventures in the Neodrome’.

Drawing on the histories of geometric abstraction, pop, and dada, Chris Dolman’s cross disciplinary practice blends the sincerity of Modernism with an irreverent and self deprecating humour. Exploring the futurities of the past and the derivative nature of novelty, his work mixes high and lowbrow materials with both ad-hoc and traditional artistic methods to upend notions of the mistake as a failure, and engage themes of loss and imperfection.

Photography courtesy of Fiona Hamilton


Chris Dolman

Title of Work

Adventures in the Neodrome




City of Stonnington


Greville St Art Wall, Prahran


Greville St., Prahran