About This Project

Crown Resorts Limited engaged the services of ADA Consulting and artist Tom Borgas to commission a wall mounted sculpture for the Atrium in their new resort and hotel Crown Towers Sydney in Barangaroo.

Responding to the complex coastline of what we now call Sydney, artist Tom Borgas presented a concept based on the richly generative site of connection within Barangaroo as a place where people, land and sea meet.

“The landscape that we see today exists as a rich array of actions and events– some imperceptibly slow, some near light-speed. Gold Topography (Barangaroo) represents just one fragment of this story. A form that merges aeons of geological movement with contemporary notions of cultural activity.”

A suite of four panels map an outline of Port Jackson Bay lifted from the area around the main flightpath into Sydney. In conversation with the natural, deep time elements of the region’s geological formation, the triangulated structure of the piece borrows from the language that software uses to digitally describe three dimensional form. Set amongst a world where information is exchanged at light speed, the tessellated surface mirrors the activity of its surrounds in a dance of golden light.

Delivered by ADA Consulting | 2020


Tom Borgas

Title of Work

Gold Topography (Barangaroo)


Crown Resorts Limited

Principal Architect

Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Executive Architect

Bates Smart


Crown Towers Sydney, Barangaroo


City of Sydney