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EBV Hoarding mural

Banco Group engaged ADA Consulting to commission artist Al Stark to paint a mural on the hoarding which would be erected around the construction site of EBV (East Brunswick Village) for the 2 year construction phase, until completion of the development.

Al Stark, invited a small group of street artists to each paint a section of the 80 metre hoarding, including Al Stark, DEAMS, SHIDA, & STABS.

“My mural at EBV is quite bright and abstract, it’s like a contemporary cave painting. I’ve aimed to make it inclusive and inviting, no matter where you’re from.”

“The work is about all people. It’s form and colour and rhythm, and it doesn’t want anything from the viewer; it wants to give. I have to express something; I can’t just be making wallpaper for capitalism. Why muck around? They’ve given me this great big wall on a big grey street, so I’m going to do some eye crime; I’m going to blind people with colour. The mural is 30-metres long, and at the moment it’s on the hoarding at Nicholson Street, so it’s visible to passersby. It has landmarked the site and put it in people’s consciousness; eventually, it’s going to be a permanent part of the public art collection at EBV.”

Al Stark, painter and public artist

The EBV Hoarding mural represents Stage 1 of a 6 stage Public Art Strategy for East Brunswick Village, to be implemented by ADA Consulting over the next two years.

Stage 2 by Will Heathcote



Title of work

EBV Mural




EBV | East Brunswick Village


Brunswick, Victoria


Banco Group


JAM Architects


Moreland City Council