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Elwood House Entrance Sculpture Commission

ADA selected four local artists to pitch for the entrance sculpture of Elwood House. The winning tender was Matthew Harding with his sculpture concept titled Entwined, a sleek and stunning form made from steel that creates a visual tension between the ground plane and the ceiling.

“Like the Pillars of Hercules, Entwined symbolises strength, vitality and growth. Entwined creates a strong link between the building design and its direct connection to site and place to harmonise with the architecture, drawing upon the scale, colour, pattern and texture of the surrounding material pallet. The rope theme offers a connection to the Bayside maritime environment and shipping industry. The entwining rope represents embrace; interweaving community and intertwining the hearts of people to place. At night, the internal lighting continues to generate a sense of warmth and connection.”

Matthew Harding – July 2016

Matthew Harding is an innovative Australian artist/designer engaged in a diverse practice of sculpture, public art and design. Trained in the visual arts, construction industries and various craft traditions, Matthew pushes the boundaries of materials and process producing sculptural forms and design pieces in stone, wood, metal, glass and ephemeral media. Whether carving delicate fine art pieces, prototyping designs or working on large-scale public sculpture, Matthew creates objects that feed the spirit. In a career spanning almost three decades, Matthew has produced a substantial body of work across a wide range of artistic disciplines. Although he began his career in the 2d mediums of painting, drawing and printmaking, his practice currently focuses on large-scale public artworks, sculptural exhibition pieces, craft objects and furniture design.


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