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Coronation Drive Office Park Ceiling Artwork Commission

AMP Capital and Woods Bagot engaged the services of ADA Consulting and their preferred artist Tricky Walsh for a ceiling artwork commission in their newly constructed Coronation Drive, Office Park in Brisbane. Walsh presented concepts for the ceiling based on her own geometric patterns which were selected to adorn the ceiling of the mixed use residential End of Trip facilities and installed in August 2017

“Early on when considering this artwork, I admit I was motivated more by the concept of the journey than the destination, and particularly how we as individuals and groups move throughout space. I’ve never driven a car so my relationship with the earth’s surfaces has always been one of immediacy, of the hyperawareness of the most minute shifting surfaces underfoot or wheel, of the possibility of rise or fall, of rest or effort.

The learning of a place has always intrigued me. The developing familiarity that moves one from anticipation through to routine – how the more one knows a space or a journey, the more one is free to attend to their own subconscious while travelling it. The topography of this space then; its rises and falls formed by tone and colour, reflect that distinction of the physical journey from the unconscious one.

This topography, which floats overhead like both a landform and a cloud of information, maps out the collective patterning of the unconscious. Its strata, a complex accumulation of both time and the presence of its visitors is composed in a visual concert of pauses and transitions that leave a kind of breadcrumb trail behind for the next people to experience and contribute to.”

Tricky Walsh, March 2017

Tricky Walsh is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice is concerned with the integration of mysticism with scientific reasoning. Her work, which is architectural in nature, and broadly spatial in practice utilises the construction of concepts and devices, which allow for the development of both physical and philosophical systems of discovery and invention. Walsh has previously been the recipient of Australia Council and Arts Tasmania funding, which has allowed her to travel and create work both interstate and internationally. In 2009 Walsh won the Hobart Art prize for her sculpture The Wasp project. Walsh holds a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) and a Bachelor of fine arts. Walsh’s work is held in public and private collections including: Facebook HQ, Melbourne, Artbank, Sydney, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Tasmania, Hobart City Council, Tasmania, Kingsborough Council, Tasmania, Lauriston Girls school, Armadale, and East Launceston Primary School, Tasmania, Kingston Service Tasmania, Kingston, Tasmania, Mersey Hospital, Latrobe as part of the Art for Public Buildings Scheme.


Tricky Walsh

Title of Work

The topography of the unconscious


AMP Capital


Woods Bagot


Coronation Drive Office Park


Brisbane, QLD