About This Project

The ‘Acacia Light Wall’ is a permanent public artwork at the entrance of Acacia place, part of Eden on the Yarra, a 3 stage a residential / commercial development on Victoria Street Abbotsford, Melbourne. The work was created by artist Priscilla Bracks, commissioned by Hamton and implemented by [MARS]. The stylised screen was inspired by tangled wattle trees, Australia’s most common Acacia. The work consists of two walls, made from laser cut aluminium screen, acrylic ‘windows’ Philips Colour Kinetic controllable LED (1250 nodes), Philips Colour Kinetics control ‘iPlayers”. One wall being 5 x 10 m and the second 3 x 12 m. The windows are lit by an array of 600+ LED’s in each wall. These lights change colour from week to week marking the progress of the seasons. The palate of colours for each week’s ‘light show’ was drawn from local flowers and foliage likely to be in bloom that week. The lighting display is not static but rather a very slow moving (morphing) light show.

Video courtesy of HAMTON


Priscilla Bracks

Title of Work

Acacia Light Wall




‘Eden’ Entry Lobby, Acacia Place, Abbottsford






City of Yarra