About This Project

ADA Consulting have been driving the art consultancy for Banco Group’s development, East Brunswick Village, since 2018. The first and second lots of the buildings housed murals by Datsun Tran, Saffron Newey, Al Stark, Melanie Young and ELLE throughout the residential floors of the building.

This year, five more artists have been commissioned to complete murals for floors 1-5 in lots 3 and 4 of the development.

Abbey Rich’s mural on the first floor of the building harps back to Nicholson Street’s history as a hub for textile production through a combination of textile-inspired blocked and striped patterns. By using vibrant colours as a base for a this mixture of geometric and organic shapes, they’re able to respond to the area’s history whilst simultaneously creating an artwork which brings the floral identity of Brunswick into the village.


Abbey Rich


East Brunswick Village


Banco Group


East Brunswick Village