Public Art

We deliver public and urban art strategies to satisfy permit conditions, engage residents and surrounding communities, and create a sense of place in line with construction schedules and deliverables.

We think of ourselves as the binder that brings all the parties involved in a public art project together: council planning departments and arts units, property developers, architects, interior designers, artists and stakeholders. Acting as the conduit, we make incorporating public art into residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use developments accessible and enjoyable.

Tom Borgas, Gold Triangulation, 2019
St Kilda Road, Melbourne
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Art tailored to your location and project

For us, it’s never about ‘plonking’ art into a location – it’s about creating cultural capital through art integration and community engagement, and establishing a sense of place with artwork that stands out and is memorable for all the right reasons.

Our consultants start by listening to what you need.
Are you seeking a temporary or permanent installation?
Would you like local artists involved? Is there a heritage overlay?
Do you hope to repurpose materials?

Once we understand you and your project, we begin drawing on our expertise and networks to realise your vision.

Kristen McIver at
Yorkshire Brewery, 2015
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Council approval of building plans

We have the knowledge, experience and networks to successfully incorporate public art into building plans, and have them approved. This enables the cohesive integration of art into a development and fosters collaborative relationships that give every stakeholder a sense of pride in and ownership of the art.

Strategy covers concept to installation

Once we understand you and your project, our integrated public art strategy kicks in. It covers artist engagement, briefing, concept design, creative, planning, commissioning, fabrication, documentation and supervision, and takes a public artwork from concept and commissioning through to creation and installation.

Artists working across all mediums

Our 15 years of involvement in the Australian arts community means that we have access to artists working across all mediums including sculpture, painting, installation, video projection, light art, photography, printmaking and murals. We engage artists represented by our gallery (MARS Gallery), and from the wider artistic community. It all depends on what’s best for you and your project.

“Andy’s ability to manage our expectations, negotiate with council decision makers and conclude successful outcomes with her panel of artists has been exemplary. It tells a story of her ability to empathise with and manage her artists wishes, fit with the rigors of managing a development budget, negotiate with local councils and meet demands and deliver on time and budget – all with her customary flair, wicked sense of humour and a whole lot of great enthusiasm, energy and fun.”
Steve Buxton, Joint Managing Director, Hamton