ADA is a public art and place making consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia.

We deliver public and urban art strategies to satisfy permit conditions, engage residents and surrounding communities, and create a sense of place.


Sculpture by Matthew Harding (1964 – 2018)
Fabricated by Robert Hook
Commissioned by Golden Age and the Deague Group
Delivered by ADA Consulting, March 2019

Acting as the conduit between all parties, we help to cultivate community and create a sense of place by delivering permanent and temporary art installations, providing integrated art strategies and solutions, and conceptualising and staging events.

To date, we have delivered over $2.5 million of public art through private and public commissions across Melbourne.

Public art

Working with council planning departments and arts units, property developers, architects, interior designers, artists and stakeholders we make incorporating art into residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use developments easy, accessible and enjoyable. We’ll help your development stand out for all the right reasons. Learn more.

Rent Art

Our collection of contemporary Australian artwork in a range of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, print and video art is available for short- and long-term leasing to office, commercial, retail and domestic spaces at very competitive rates. Learn more.

Our work

We believe that commissioning public art makes a positive contribution to a city’s urban fabric, enlivens and inspires our communities and lends depth and character to property developments. To view some of the works we have helped to bring to life and read case studies showing how we went about it, click here.

Our team

We are passionate advocates for art in everyday life. Our professional art consultants have extensive experience and networks with council planning departments and arts units, property developers, architects, interior designers and artists, and an in depth understanding of all things art. Meet the team.

MARS gallery

We are also the dedicated team behind MARS Gallery in Windsor, Melbourne. At MARS, we represent a select group of emerging to mid-career artists and maintain relationships with a vast network of Australian and international artists. MARS has an extensive collection of contemporary Australian art for purchase, viewing and lease. Visit MARS Gallery.